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COVID 19 Restriction Changes - 10 people onsite

Like us, you are probably keeping close tabs on the NSW government’s planned changes for COVID -19 restrictions. From the 15th of May the government has eased restrictions to allow gatherings of up to 10 people outdoors - for the full changes click here

This means that 10 people will now be allowed onsite at the garden at any one time. However, it is important that with this change we do not become complacent with the  social distancing and hygiene measures we are already following at the garden. 

We will also be continuing the Google Calendar booking system for now so members can easily find out how many people will be present for their visit. For more details on how to use the calendar have a look at the previous blog post

On the booking please remember to note down your name, how many people will be coming to the garden, any planned activities and a contact number. This way, with an increase in overlapping bookings we can keep onsite numbers to 10 and under, and those requiring individual visits (such as members over 70, those with chronic health conditions or immune compromise) can plan ahead.

Fingers crossed NSW keeps heading in the right direction with COVID-19 infection rates, it seems everyone is doing a great job in preventing virus spread. 

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