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Private Beds

We have a lot of interest in our Private Beds and a long list of members waiting for them.

If you own one, there are a few items to be mindful of:

- Make sure that your bed is used for the purpose of growing fruit and vegetables, and that the bed (and area around the bed) is regularly maintained.

- Make sure that your plants and structures do not unreasonably cast shadow on anyone else’s bed. Pests must be minimised by rotating crops, promptly harvesting fruit and vegetables, and suppressing weeds.

- In 2018 the Management Committee adopted a “use it or lose it” policy, which means members will lose the right to keep their bed if they fail to maintain it, per the following process outlined in the BCG Policy and Procedure Manual:

  • If the bed has not been tended to for 3 months, the member will be contacted by phone advising that the bed has not been maintained and asked if they intend to continue to use the bed. The member will be advised that if they are unable to maintain and use the bed that after 6 months it will be re-allocated as a community bed until the financial year runs out.

  • If the bed has not been tended to for 6 months the member will receive an email advising that the bed has been re-allocated as a community bed, and at the end of the financial year the bed will be made available to new members.

  • Where large beds are made available, they will be offered to members who regularly attend working bees and/or are known to frequently contribute to garden work, are maintaining a medium or small bed, and have communicated to the Membership Officer their desire for a Large bed. The decision will be made by the BCG Management Committee. Medium and Small beds will be offered to members on the waitlist based on start date with the garden.

Happy Gardening!

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