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BCG Calendar Visit Booking

To allow all member to have access to the garden over the next few months, we are asking people attending to book their visits online.

As you may have seen many public parks and beaches on the Northern Beaches have been temporarily closed due to large groups congregating in these areas. Although it may be inconvenient, these changes are to keep vulnerable people safe and preserve health resources. 

Offical advice regarding penalties relating to public health orders can be found on the NSW Government website.

We are hoping that by using these bookings, and keeping our attendance numbers low, we can avoid closure of the Garden. It is up to all members to be sensible with attendance and be considerate of others to keep the garden accessible.

Please keep these things in mind when making a booking:

  • Make a booking when you are completing a specific task, and book a duration to reflect the time you need to complete it

  • Aim for a few visits a week to share booking times with other members

  • Write down your name, number of people attending and your phone number in the booking

  • Make sure your booking does not overlap with more than one other booking, and that there will be only two members from different households at the garden at any time

  • If attending with your family, including children, please indicate this in the booking and book a time when no other members are there

Once again, we thank all members for their understanding and patience with these changes.

Have a read through the document below to for a step-by-step guide to access the calendar.

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