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Urgent - Tomato Netting

The growing of tomatoes is something most members wish to do so it is a priority of the BCG Management Committee to establish rules to manage the fruit fly problem as much as possible and enable members to have a successful harvest.

During the tomato season, when evening temperatures start to rise, members must net their tomato plants as soon as the fruit appears. Netting is available at the garden for members to use, and it is best to use the fine, almost opaque nets to exclude the flies.

Members may wish to also use fly traps and other methods to minimise the fruit fly infestation but these are to be done in addition to netting as opposed to instead of netting.

Please remember we strive to ensure all garden practices are non toxic and sustainable.

Where members fail to net their tomato plants once fruit has set they will be contacted by someone from the BCG Management Committee who will request that they install the nets within 2 weeks of that contact.

If the tomatoes remain un-netted after that 2 week period, the tomato plants will have to be removed and the relevant member will be advised.

The BCG Management Committee hopes that by communicating this information members will be aware of their responsibilities and the adverse effect on the rest of the garden if these measures are not adhered to.

New members will be made aware of this requirement and other important information in a community garden orientation leaflet. For further information please read our previous posts, and have a look at this gardening fact sheet from Gardening Australia.

Many thanks from your Committee!

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