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Say hello to my tiny friends!

Following a successful split of the Mosman sugarbag bee hive by Paul Hoskins from Permaculture Northern Beaches, we now have a native bee colony to call our own :)

Gary has attached our new hive to the western fence above our citrus trees, to keep them out of the afternoon sun. The hive will help pollinate our crops and is great way to sustain the population of this native species.

The little bees resemble flies as they are less than 4.5mm, with small wings and black hairy bodies. Don't be afraid to get up close to check them out, unlike European Honeybees they are all stingless.

However, look with your eyes only as not to disturb the little critters doing their thing.

If you'd like to learn more about native bees in our region, check out PNB's site here:

The split Mosman hive displaying the spiral comb

The Sugarbag Hotel

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