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Say hello to my little friends...

Unfortunately, a few weeks ago we lost one of our beautiful Australorpe chooks. Thank you Diane for burying her in the native patch, it's nice to know she's still giving back to the garden. Her loss cut our flock done to three girls, and her absence has been very much noted by the chooks that remain. However, as we had two extra spots to fill to reach our chook quota of five, we now have some new residents. Sugar and Spice arrived this week and are slowly settling in despite some turf wars that have been happening. We expect all girls to quite down soon and come together as one flock. If you're on chook duty over the next few weeks please be sure to keep Sugar and Spice in the coop until they're really settled. A sign will be put on the coop door indicating when they can roam free! Also, I was hoping someone could tell me was breed these girls are - an Isa Brown hybrid? Thanks, Eileen

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Yes Eileen

Isa Brown Hybrids .. Diane found a tiny little egg on Wed prob laid by our new girls 🐣

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