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October Community Bed Update

Community Bed Update

Spring is a busy time for picking and planting. We had a great haul last working bee of cabbages, parsley, asian greens, leeks, and silver beet. But there is still more available for all members to pick and some beds have been replanted for the next few months.

Here's an update of what's going on:

Ready for Picking

D - Celery, Beetroot

E- Silverbeet

I- Rhubarb

J - Lettuce

Ginger Bed near east fence - Parsley, Lettuce

Western Bed - strawberries, sweet peas, silverbeet, spinach, kale, Chinese cabbage, nasturtiums 

Recently Planted

A - Zucchinis

F - Tomatoes

Bed adjacent to flowers - lettuce

Herb bed - total revamp

Back fence - Dutch cream potatoes


B - Prepared for melon planting

C - Sweet potatoes almost ready to harvest

H - Prepared for bean planting

If you want to see what is planned for planting in the next few months have a look at the whiteboard in the shed, where there is also a map of the garden beds. We’re always keen for input on what to plan for so either leave a suggestion on the whiteboard outside or email us.  

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