Northern Beaches Council Meeting Update

On the 29th of November Committee Members met with Northern Beaches Council staff to talk about future plans for BCG. Practical support from council for ongoing garden projects were discussed, as well the final organisation of a new shade structure (to be funded by a council grant). We are hoping with the input of a landscape architect and surveyor we will have a great makeover for the garden soon.

Some of the projects on the list currently are:

- Shade structure for our members to rest in, and for seed raising

- Signage on the front fence of the garden

- Fixing uneven paths and improving disabled access

- Chook shed improvements - raising entrance height

- A metal arbour on which the kiwi fruit on the west wall can climb

Also, we must say a big thank you to Carol and Stephen for the efforts in getting these projects off the ground. They've both spent an enormous amount of time completing application of council grants, submitting details of proposed project details as well as communicating with council staff.

We will keep you updated on further developments in the coming months.

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