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June Garden Update

Last Thursday the BCG Management Committee met to review the running of the garden. Amongst other matters, we were able to discuss changes to the COVID restrictions, please have a read below to keep up to date.

Calendar Bookings

We’ve noted that numbers of members onsite at one time have been within the 10 person limit for the past few months, so the committee has decided it is no longer necessary to book your visit on a regular visit to the garden.

We will still ask people to book their spot when attending working bees for now. If there are any further changes to the number of people who can gather for outdoor exercise (which our garden activities have been classified as) we will review this request and let members know.

New Members

The garden is again accepting new members! There is currently a wait list for plots, but community membership is always open and plot vacancies will be reviewed following the July membership payment period.

Community Composting

As you may have read in the last update email, we have restarted collecting community food waste for composting. We are also keen to increase our supply of worm castings from the worm farm as it is very useful for our onsite seed raising. 

To get the worms going, we would like to receive donations of coffee grounds. If you have a supply of coffee grounds, or even excess worm castings, please bring them down to the garden and leave them next to the shed.

Seed Saving

Continuing on with seed raising, you may have seen white or pink tape tied to plants around the garden. We are aiming to save seed from successful crops for use in later community plantings, so please don’t remove fruit or flowers on plants that have been marked.

We hope that you’re getting back into the swing of things with some normality returning to Sydney, and are looking forward to seeing you around in the garden.

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