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Event Cancellations and Social Distancing at the Garden

Working Bee Cancellation and Social Distancing Measures

Committee members have been discussing the best way to keep our members safe and healthy. As well looking after our members we feel it is important to contribute to efforts to minimise virus spread and to ease pressure on our health system.

As such we have made the decision to cancel the March Working Bee.

Given the outdoor nature of our activities and the ability to adhere to social distancing guidelines at the Garden we feel the risk to members is low. However, as member safety is a priority, our aim is to minimise numbers of people gathering at one time. 

Attached below is some information from the Federal Department of Health regarding mitigation measures that we hope members will consider when visiting the garden:

Regular member and family visits are still very much encouraged, keeping in mind a few tips:

  • Do not attend the garden if you have respiratory symptoms

  • Maintain social distancing recommendations whilst gardening - 1.5m distance from others

  • Do not share food or drinking vessels

  • Be strict with hygiene - hand wash will be provided at the garden

  • If using gardening gloves, bring your own and take them home with you

As this cancellation decision is likely to affect future Working Bees, we will need your help to continue garden maintenance over the coming months. Another email will be sent out soon providing details about what we need to do as a community to keep the garden going. 

Bunnings BBQ Fundraiser Cancellation

Due to similar concerns of safety from Bunnings future fundraising events will also be cancelled at the Balgowlah store. Below is the full email should you wish to read it, but it is important to note that this will affect our BBQ and cake stall planned for May.

We will keep you update on any further developments relating to COVID-19 and garden operations, and hope you keep your eye out emails in the coming months on how to look after our garden.

Kind Regards,

Eileen for the BCG Management Committee.

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