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AGM, Christmas Party and COVID update

Hi Gardeners,

A few end of year updates for you:

AGM and Christmas Party

On Saturday 5th of December we will be hosting our AGM and Christmas party from 4-6 pm. The meeting part of the gathering will only be short, with the committee aiming to provide members with an update of the garden administration and plans for next year.

The agenda for the meeting and nomination form for committee roles have been emailed to members, and there are openings for more general member positions. If you would like to become involved in the running of your garden in 2021 please register your interest by completing the nomination form and emailing it to A greater diversity of members makes the garden more sustainable and inclusive.

All members are welcome to come along to the party and are encouraged to bring any snacks and nibbles they would like to share.  As detailed below, we are now able to have 30 people onsite at one time so it should be a fun afternoon!

COVID Update

With the improvements in NSW’s COVID situation the restrictions on public gatherings have been relaxed. Previously we were able to have 20 people onsite at any one time, this has been increased to 30. For a full rundown of the changes check out the NSW government website here.  Obviously, the same social distancing measures continue to apply, and we ask members not to attend the garden if they are unwell.

Garden Upkeep

Just two short reminders to keep the garden a pleasant environment for all members:

- Please lock the main gate as you leave, it is essential to keep our chickens safe and sound.

- Please take your rubbish with you, the council does not provide us with a general waste-removal service so all non-organic waste needs to be disposed of offsite. Each member expected to be responsible for their own rubbish, especially food packaging and coffee cups. 

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